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Hunting Heritage Fund

The New Jersey Hunting Heritage (Super) Fund is generated directly from the NWTF banquets run in the state and is administered by the State Chapter's SuperFund Comittee. Requests for SuperFund allocations are directed to the comittee for consideration. Upon receipt, the requests are processed by the committee and evaluated for qualifications and funds availability. After the application is processed, the applicant will be notified of approval or denial.
New Jersey Super Fund Committee
Tim Blum
125 Foul Rift Road
Belvidere, NJ 07823
John Kimball
344 Charles Street
Islin, NJ 08830
Nick Weiss
125 Foul Rift Road
Belvidere, NJ 07823
The following is taken from the NWTF.ORG web site on New Jersey Super Fund Projects:

The Wild Turkey Super Fund allows the NWTF to concentrate its spending on projects that directly benefit wild turkey conservation, management and education. The Wild Turkey Super Fund is a pool of funds raised by NWTF volunteers at membership banquets and donated by corporate sponsors and individuals. Each states' Super Fund money is used on conservation and education projects within that state. Nationally, NWTF chapters and cooperating partners have raised more than $100 million in respective states for the wild turkey resource. Since 1985, more than $173,670 have been raised by New Jersey chapters and spent on projects within the state. A sampling of these projects is provided below.
  • Habitat Enhancement
    • Spent $62,633 on habitat improvement projects within the state.
    • Provided seed, fertilizer, and other materials for establishment and maintenance of 1,478 acres of wildlife openings and habitat.
  • Other
    • Expenditures in the "other" category included cooperator costs ($500), rewards ($607), and women's program
  • Equipment
    • Spent $9,986 to purchase equipment used to manage wild turkeys. Almost all equipment was donated to the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife.
    • Purchased 5 radio transmitters, 1 computer printer, 1 detonator for wild turkey trapping, 1 seed drill, 1 computer, 1 rocket net, 1 trailer winch, and trailer modifications for NJ Division Fish and Game Turkey Section.
  • Land Purchase
    • Spent $20,000 to purchase 60 acres to add to Clinton WMA.
  • Research
    • Provided $18,000 to research the relationship between brood habitat type and poult survival on the outer coastal plain of New Jersey.
    • Provided $4,123 to examine wild turkey survival and productivity in the Pine Barrens region of southern New Jersey.
    • Provided $2,355 to study wild turkey gobbler survival in northwestern New Jersey.
  • Education and JAKES
    • Spent $10,317 on education and JAKES activities.
    • Purchased 100 aging and sexing posters.
    • Purchased 12 "Managing Openings" booklets for distribution to NJ Fish, Game and Wildlife personnel.
    • Funded 8 JAKES events.
    • Purchased 50 Quaker Boy special edition box calls for Porter Wagoner JAKES events.
    • Purchased 8 education boxes.

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